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Connect with 40,000+ readers in the home building industry who are ready to buy and promote your services.

When you choose to advertise in the IBA monthly newsletter, you can reach 40,000 plus readers who are ready to partner, hire, and choose you as their custom home builder, developer, or remodeler.

Advertising FAQ

Who does my advertisement reach?

Over 3,000 copies are circulated to over 40,000 readers monthly. A PDF format is also published on IBA’s website.

Why should I advertise?

Your ad is specifically targeted to those who buy, utilize and promote your product and services, as all members of the Indiana Builders Association receive a hard copy of the publication.

Do rates go down if I advertise in each issue?

Yes! We reward consistent business. Please see our Sponsorship Guide for more details.

Where can I get more information on sponsorship?

You can get more information by reaching out to the Indiana Builders Association.

Do you still have questions about advertising? We are happy to help.