Thank you

Thank you

By IBA President Don Thieneman

I want to thank each and every one of you for giving me this opportunity to be your IBA president for 2019. Throughout this past year, I have felt undeniably supported by our members. People are always happy to volunteer, give uplifting comments and work toward the same goals. Your support has made this position so hard to leave, as I have made many new friends and gotten to know so many of you on a personal level.

I look forward to handing the reigns over to the next president, being among such a fantastic group of past presidents, and becoming somone in the association who can be trusted to lend support and advice wherever it is needed.

As I look back at my coming into office, I think of all the ideas that I had for the association to help it continuously grow and successfully reach homebuilders across the state. I wanted to ensure all Hoosier homebuilders knew they had a friend in the industry that was willing to look out for them and their well-being at the state level.

I know that positive change is not made overnight and work must still be done continuously for gains to be made. However, I can confidently say that this past year we have made positive changes at the state level, and given builders a voice through commonsense legislation.

A thank you to Governor Holcomb, Lieutenant Governor Crouch and the General Assembly for recognizing the importance of housing in Indiana and making it a priority.

I so enjoyed my time getting to travel across the state and visit our local associations. We may be from different communities, but our concerns and hopes for this industry are the same. You will always have a friend and ally in me. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly and sharing your thoughts with me so openly. Most importantly, thank you for the many laughs and warm conversations we shared about our mutual passion for this association and home building industry.

A huge thank you to Brett Harter, Jeff Thomas and Paul Schwinghammer for their support this past year as my senior officer team. You are all excellent individuals, and I know you will continue to do an amazing job for our association.

This past year has been amazing, and one I will always remember. I have enjoyed every minute of working for a cause that I so believe in. Together we can continue to build a better Indiana.

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