2019 Scholarships

The Indiana Builders Association has funds available for projects and scholarships that benefit the housing industry

through the Indiana Builders Charitable Foundation (IBCF) and IBA’s Educational Scholarship Foundation.

The Indiana Builders Charitable Foundation (IBCF) is managed by the Central Indiana Community Foundation with direction from the IBCF Advisory Board.  Proposals for funds from the IBCF should include a description of the project, how the educational cause enhances the knowledge and understanding of the housing industry and career opportunities within the housing industry, and the amount of funds needed to accomplish the project.   Completed applications (attached) for IBCF funds must be submitted no later than September 27, 2019 to: IBCF, 101 W. Ohio St., Ste. 710, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by e-mail to Rick@buildindiana.org.


The Indiana Builders Association Educational Scholarship Foundation honors IBA’s long-time CEO, the late Bill Carson, by providing youth the opportunity to become the dream-makers of future generations.  The Foundation will award scholarships to deserving students who have chosen the building industry as their vocation. Scholarships will be

awarded to individuals desiring to continue their education to enhance their career in the building industry, whether it

be a structured degree, certification, designation apprenticeship, or an approved continuing education class.  Applicant must be a legal resident of Indiana and live in the jurisdiction of the Indiana Builders Association.  Please send completed applications (attached) for Educational Scholarship funds no later than September 27, 2019 to: IBA Educational Scholarship, 101 W. Ohio St., Ste. 710, Indianapolis, IN 46204 or by e-mail to  Rick@buildIndiana.org.