Governor Holcomb proclaims October as Careers in Construction Month

Governor Holcomb proclaims October as Careers in Construction Month

Indiana joins eight other states when Governor Eric Holcomb officially declared the month of October to be Careers in Construction Month.

Indiana’s Careers in Construction Month is designated to help increase public awareness of the opportunities available in construction trades professions.

“The importance of the construction industry’s role in moving Indiana’s economy forward is more prevalent than ever after COVID-19,” said Indiana Builders Association President Brett Harter. “Past, current and future leadership is what keeps Indiana a leader in the nation for housing affordability. Educating and promoting the next generation of the Hoosier workforce on the construction industry as a viable and worthwhile trade is more important than ever.”

The construction industry is one of our nation’s largest industries, employing more than 5 million individuals in the country. During this month, employers, associations and schools are encouraged to conduct job fairs, panel discussions, and local community events to inform students of the vast employment opportunities in construction.

“Having Governor Holcomb proclaim October as Career in Construction month is a huge step in the right direction to educate our communities, and show individuals that this industry is not second tier employment but an excellent career choice,” said Chad Sutton, Garrett High School’s Director of Career Development. “When our communities, educators, families and students realize construction is a real option for a successful career and not an alternative we can start to make real progress.”

Through a collaborative effort that reaches policymakers as well as local educators and high school students, IBA’s goal is to effectively address some of the issues that have contributed to chronic labor shortages and misperceptions of careers in construction, and to develop a skilled workforce for the future.


Feature Photo Caption: Students at Garrett High School in Garrett, Ind. develop essential trade skills through the Garrett High School Construction Trades Program. The program partners with the local community to give students valuable, real-world projects to work on throughout the school year. Chad Sutton, Director of Career Development, with the support of the Garrett school superintendent, has helped take the program to the next level by offering NCCER credentials and college credit through a partnership with Ivy Tech Community College in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

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