IBA Housing Protection Fund

About the IBA Housing Protection Fund

The Housing Protection Fund is one of the Indiana Builders Association’s most effective programs. The Fund is used to help defray the staggering litigation costs of builders and developers who are litigating a case with either statewide significance to the housing industry or which has the potential for positive impact on an issue of particular interest to the housing industry. It is also used to affect legislation and public policy favorable to the housing industry.

IBA Housing Protection Fund FAQ

Do you qualify for assistance?

All applications for assistance from IBA’s Housing Protection Fund must come from a local builders association and not from an individual member. Applicants must also pursue additional funding through their local builders associations. Applications must be complete and received by the appropriate deadline in order to be considered.

How does the IBA Housing Protection Fund Work?

The Housing Protection Fund Board of Trustees hears applications at meetings, coinciding with the Indiana Builders Association Board of Directors meetings. IBA staff is available to make this simple application process as easy as possible for the petitioning association. If you have any questions about the funding process, the particular litigation in question or other legal services we can provide, please feel free to call Rick Wajda, CEO, at 1-800-377-6334, or 317-917-1100 ext. 204.

How can I apply for assistance from the IBA Housing Protection Fund?

Requests for assistance must be submitted in writing at least 14 days prior to meetings of the Housing Protection Fund Board of Trustees during the IBA Board meetings. Applications will not be accepted after deadlines.

To get more information, call the IBA office at 800-377-6334.

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