State Advocacy

The Indiana Builders Association’s political action committee (PAC) fund, Indiana Builders PAC, enables builders and lobbyists to develop effective networking programs with Indiana government leaders and has produced effective results in numerous political campaigns. Every dollar the PAC spends on electing business-friendly legislators and keeping them in office represents an investment in our future that will pay exponential dividends in the years to come. All campaign contributions are based upon candidates or incumbents history and philosophy of support for pro-growth and affordable housing as well as support of overall business issues. Learn more about Indiana Builders PAC. Contribute individually online using the link below or join the Donor Club.

Federal Advocacy

The Indiana Builders Association supports federal candidates through BUILD-PAC, or Builders United in Legislative Decisions Political Action Committee, the political arm of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). It helps elect pro-housing, pro-business candidates on both sides of the aisle to federal office. BUILD-PAC and NAHB’s advocacy team work on your behalf to open doors in Washington and on Capitol Hill to ensure that housing is a national priority. They work to eliminate burdensome regulations and preserve the mortgage interest deduction, the property tax deduction and other critical tax measures.


Capitol Club: $5,000 annually

The Capitol Club is composed of members who recognize the magnitude of influence behind a BUILD-PAC contribution. They enjoy exclusive dinners, hospitality suites, and transportation at each of the national board meetings and the International Builders’ Show.

Platinum Club: $2,500 annually

Platinum Club members understand the importance of BUILD-PAC to the housing industry and their businesses. Members of this club receive special perks at the International Builders’ Show and all national board meetings.

Gold Key Club: $1,000 annually

Gold Key members view their BUILD-PAC contributions as investments in their industry and their personal businesses. These individuals attend special events at each of the national board meetings and enjoy an exclusive hospitality suite at the International Builders’ Show.

Dollar-A-Day Club: $365 annually

The Dollar-A-Day Club is a committed group of supporters whose BUILD-PAC contribution ensures that Congress keeps NAHB’s governmental issues a top legislative priority. Dollar-a-Day members receive recognition at all of the national board meetings.

Century Club: $100 annually

Composed of business leaders from coast to coast, the Century Club ensures there is a solid line of communication between the housing industry and Congress. These members receive recognition at all of the national board meetings.

Fair Share: $25

If every member does their Fair Share and invests a minimum of $25, then BUILD-PAC would have even greater success electing pro-housing, pro-business candidates who will support our issues and fight for housing in Congress.

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