Coppes Napanee

About Us

Founded in 1876, Coppes Napanee is the oldest woodworking company in America who continues to operate under one name. Born the same year as the telephone, we’ve grown with America, witnessing the introduction of the automobile, the airplane, the internet, and more. Not content to merely witness history, we’ve added a few pivotal moments ourselves. In 1942, we unlocked the potential of the kitchen’s corner cabinet by inventing a solution that turned it into a Lazy Susan. We also mad the novel Hoosier Cabinet ubiquitous in the mid-20th Century and the only cabinetmaker still building it today.

Located in Northern Indiana, where enduring quality and meticulous craftsmanship are a way of life, Coppes Napanee is celebrated for its contribution to the industry. In 2017, the Mast Brothers bought Coppes, continuing a tradition of family ownership. Today, what started as a company founded by two brothers is being reimagined by two brothers, ensuring that a legacy of pioneering spirit and craftsmanship live on.

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