Builder Standards

What does it mean to meet quality assurance builder standards?

The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards encourage professionalism within the home building industry and increase the likelihood that home buyers will have a satisfactory experience when buying a new homes. The standards were adopted in 2000 and provide builder and remodeler members with a set of industry-approved guidelines with which to have their work and business activities judged.

What QABS Means For Consumers

The Indiana Quality Assurance Standards provide new homebuyers and remodeling customers a way to measure their builder and the project against an industry approved set of standards. These Standards create a series of performance standards builders and customers can use to communicate and understand each other’s expectations regarding building/remodeling projects.

The Standards address the most prevalent issues that arise between the builder and the customer before the project, during the project, and most importantly, after the project is completed. All too often it is the unrealized or undiscovered expectations that create the majority of problems encountered in the building/remodeling process. The Standards will help eliminate these problems before the project even begins.

What QABS Means For Builders

One objective of the Association is to improve the community image of the industry. Towards that objective, the builders association offers you the Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards. The program includes a set of standards, recommended language for including the standards and mediation/binding arbitration of the standards into project contracts, and marketing information.

The Standards create reasonable customer expectations regarding the building/remodeling process, and address the most prevalent issues that arise before the project, during the project, and, most importantly, after the projected is completed. The Standards eliminate the unrealized and undisclosed expectations of the customer by giving the builder/remodeler a tool to discuss, identify, and set the customer’s expectations before problems arise.

Yet, disputes will inevitably arise that cannot be settled between the two parties using the Standards. With that in mind, the Standards also includes a mediation/binding arbitration mechanism to provide another vehicle to dispute resolution outside the costly and time-consuming court process.

Let the consumer know you are a part of the network of quality builders. Include the Indiana Quality Assurance Builder logo in print, television and radio advertising, and promote your membership with the association in press releases and brochures.

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