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Annual Report

View IBA's Annual Reports.

Ordering NAHB Materials

Many of these materials are free, but you’ll have to cover the cost of shipping. Note: Most of the content provided by NAHB is for members-only; however, as HBA staff you may access this content by logging in to Don’t have an account? Contact Hina Ansari of NAHB at to activate your account.

How to Join: Membership Categories

The National Association of Home Builders serves the entire home building, remodeling, and development industry. You'll find helpful information on the different levels of membership here.

HBA Staff & Volunteer Job Descriptions

View sample job descriptions for typical HBA staff positions.

HBA Member Advantage Program

This program saves your members money and increases your HBA’s revenue. Here you'll find some great ways to start promoting the Member Advantage program in your newsletter or member mailings, on your Web site, or on your literature display table at your next meeting.

New Member Retention Plan

Review the membership retention plan from the NAHB and learn how to keep your association affiliated with the national association.

IBA's Membership Retention Program

We take membership seriously at the IBA. Our membership retention program is devoted to providing the personal service you're looking for.

HBA Governance & Operations

Access tools to help you govern and manage your local association, including model bylaws for local associations, volunteer job descriptions, sample policies and procedures and much more. Plus, view samples from actual home building associations designed to help association professionals and HBA leaders handle commonly occurring situations such as contract negotiation and managing staff.

Ready-To-Use Articles & Ads

Are you looking for articles, press releases, and advertisements to share with your local association members or the local media in your area? This ``how to`` guide will walk you through a few easy steps of accessing, downloading, and using the materials provided by IBA in your own publications and media outreach.

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