Helping You, Help Indiana

Helping You, Help Indiana

As a contractor, I know that a structure is only as good as its foundation. The Indiana Builders Association is built on a foundation of local chapters and individual members. In 2020 I want to focus on our foundation, so the Indiana Builders Association is the best resource and advocate it can be for the Hoosier construction industry.

When you first joined your local association, what was it you were hoping to get out of your membership? Was it networking opportunities, the chance to save some money through our great member benefit programs, or to have someone on your side at the local, state and national level when decisions were being made about regulations impacting your industry? Whatever the reason was, I’m sure you were excited to find out how membership could become a valuable part of your toolkit.

Our members are the reason our associations exist. It is easy to join, and never become more involved than that. This year, I want to bring the focus back to our members, enhance our value of membership, increase engagement, and build a stronger bridge between the national, state and local associations.

I want to place a special emphasis on membership retention. I want to get back to the basics and focus on why members joined in the first place and how we can continue to offer those same services that got them here.

Additionally, I believe that an emphasis on communication can be integral in making our members feel like they are a part of our family. Making sure our local associations are reaching out to new and non-participating members is so important to making them feel like they made the right investment in us.

I now have a question I would like to ask all IBA members. What have you done to become more involved in your local association? There is a point in time when you stop asking “what is in it for me,” and start asking what you can do for your industry.

This is your trade, your livelihood, your state and your home. What could you do to help the construction industry preserve and protect it? Look around your community and, most importantly, your home. It isn’t hard to see the impact that the construction trade has had on your life. How can your association help you reach your goals and defend your trade?
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2019 was a great year for the Indiana Builders Association. We were able to get top industry issues resolved at the state and national level through legislation and sounds advocacy. We brought in many new faces to leadership positions at the local level, and with them came fresh ideas and charisma that gave us a breath of new life.

My hope for 2020 is that we continue to build on our momentum from last year, but also get back to the basics and what this association stands for. We educate and advocate for the Indiana construction industry. Let’s continue to do that both as an association and as individuals.

I am excited to start this journey as your 2020 IBA president and even more so to implement these strategies with the help of the staff and leadership.

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