Recognizing women in leadership: Lynn Madden

Recognizing women in leadership: Lynn Madden

Lynn Madden has been in the construction industry for 30 years. She is a Journeyman Carpenter, former building inspector, and former planning and zoning director. Madden is a nationally certified building inspector with 13 certifications in commercial and residential construction – a necessity for performing quality control inspections for one of the largest, on-your-lot custom home builders in the Midwest.

Madden has served on three state code review committees where she worked with other industry stakeholders to maintain the balance of safety and affordability in Indiana’s residential code. She is the longest serving chairman of IBA’s Codes & Safety Committee, having served as chairman since 2005. “IBA members and the industry as a whole have benefitted from Lynn’s extensive knowledge of building codes and her vast experience working with municipalities across the state,” said Carlie Hopper, IBA Governmental Affairs Director.

We asked Madden a few questions about her success in the association and industry:

Q: What has prepared you for taking on a leadership role in a predominantly male field?
A: Demonstrating my interest and willingness to learn from industry experts has helped me excel. The Madison County BA and IBA offer education, networking, and professional development opportunities to support me and help me grow as a leader in the industry.

Q: What do you enjoy most about your field within the home building industry?
A: I enjoy helping customers realize their dreams of building and owning a new home.

Q: What could we do to support and recruit more young women to this industry?
A: Continuing to share the benefits of belonging to and getting involved at all levels of the HBA will help bring more young people to the industry. It has been a very rewarding career for me, so I’m happy to share my experience with others.

If you know someone in the construction industry that you think should be recognized for their longevity, achievements, and contributions to the construction industry, please contact Abigail Campbell at

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