The Value of a Summer Job

The Value of a Summer Job

Why Should I Get a Summer Job? How Do I Find One?

A summer job is an opportunity to gain first-hand experience in an industry you may
want to enter. It offers you the chance to “taste test” a prospective career and build
valuable contacts.

Why Get a Summer Job?

  • Gain critical skills like time management, communication, teamwork, and decision-making.
  • Build your resume with professional experience that will help you land future jobs and internships.
  • Learn how a workplace operates and how leadership is structured.
  • Develop your network – those connections will likely help you land a job after graduation.
  • See what you like and don’t like about a role or company. A takeaway from a job may be that you want to do something else – that is a valuable insight too.

How Do I Find a Publicly Advertised Job?

  • Your school guidance office staff can help you with job search advice. There may be a
    bulletin board with job postings, a notebook with listings, and/or an online job board.
  • Consider places where you are curious to learn more about what they do
  • Seasonal jobs, like outdoor services and care are often particularly open to hiring teens and young adults.
  • Target specific openings listed on companies’ websites.
  • Search more broadly on general sites including Indeed, SimplyHired, and ZipRecruiter.

How Do I Find a “Hidden” Job?

  • Share your interests with friends, neighbors, relatives, teachers, and other influential people
    who may alert you to openings or refer you to hiring managers.
  • Consider jobs in your neighborhood like lawn care or site cleanup. You can
    ask around or put up flyers on local bulletin boards to advertise your services.
  • Meet new people at career-related events or job fairs.
  • Follow companies on social media to learn about openings.
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