Update on Indiana’s Quality Assurance Builder Standards Program

Update on Indiana’s Quality Assurance Builder Standards Program

The Indiana Quality Assurance Builder Standards (QABS) program has changed in two ways:

Indiana QABS manuals are now offered through IBA directly to you, the member, and in digital format.
All builder members can participate.

The Indiana QABS program creates a series of performance guidelines that builders/remodelers and their customers can use to communicate and understand each other’s expectations for building and remodeling projects. Members should provide a manual to customers for each project and include contract provisions that incorporate the Standards and specify a third-party dispute resolution mechanism. You can read more about the Standards and how to use them on IBA’s website under the Membership tab QABS members receive recognition on IBA’s website and have access to marketing resources.

Become a QABS Member in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Contact Raelle Hurtekant at raelle@buildindiana.org to create a member login and password if you have not done so in the past. This will help streamline your online purchasing of manuals.

Step 2: Sign the online commitment form that will be sent to you upon reaching out to Raelle.

By signing the commitment form you will be added to the online Listing of QABS Members and will receive access to a digital resource toolkit that will provide you with marketing graphics and logos to help identify your business as one that measures up to industry standards. You will also be mailed a welcome folder that includes program window clings, a participation certificate, program info bookmarks to give to potential customers, and (for a limited time )program license plates.

Step 3: Order manuals online in hard copy or digital format – your choice! As a member of the Builders Association you can purchase the Standards manual in hard copy or digital copy directly on our website and have them delivered to your business or email.

If you have any questions, please reach out to raelle@buildindiana.org. We hope you will take advantage of this useful program offered to all IBA builder and remodeler members.

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