President’s Message: Looking forward to a great 2021

President’s Message: Looking forward to a great 2021

Last year is one that I am sure none of us will soon forget, and I am excited about the strides we have taken and the work we have done to solidify our industry as an integral part of our state’s success. I’m eager to continue to build on that momentum as I take office. The home building industry has never been more relevant and important for the economic well-being of the state and nation.

I’ve come to think of the IBA leadership team as a unit that, put simply, gets things done. A lot of that has to do with the individuals that I am lucky enough to follow as state president. The many presidents that I have had the pleasure of watching lead this association and even serve as a member of their leadership team laid the groundwork for my presidency. Their strong work ethic and commitment to our industry keeps Hoosier homebuilders at the table when decisions are being made. Brett Harter, IBA’s 2020 state president, did a fantastic job this past year as our president. I know it wasn’t an easy year to lead IBA, but he did it with grace and patience. Brett set me up for the most successful start possible, and I am truly grateful for his friendship and leadership.

I would also like to recognize the hard work IBA’s board of directors put in this past year to ensure the association was set up for long-term success. I hope to continue that trend into 2021, and work with them closely to give members the best possible ally and resource that we can.

2020 was a year of firsts for a lot of us. With COVID-19 being the unknown factor in all of our lives, it was hard to see any good that could come out of the year. However, like so many times before, the housing industry proved to be a constant variable that we could rely on to keep the state moving forward. With record low interest rates and some of the highest housing starts we have seen in recent history, Hoosier homebuilders proved that it would take a lot more to knock us down. After numerous shut downs and potential economic distress, our economy is still going strong and housing needs are still high.
Hopefully in 2021 we will see an end to this pandemic and a return to some semblance of normalcy. My goal for the remainder of the year is to continue to build on the momentum that we have gained in 2020, and work to meet the demand for housing that is safe and affordable in Indiana.

Lastly, I want to focus on increasing IBA’s membership. As a member-based organization, IBA places special emphasis on the cultivation and retention of our membership throughout the state. As the 2021 president I hope to work with our local associations to continue to make membership growth and retention a special priority for the association as a whole. Take it upon yourselves to reach out to fellow professionals in the industry and let them know why membership is so important to you. All it takes to get someone involved is a conversation. Spark that interest in others and let them know about all the benefits that make being a member with IBA so great. We can only expand our membership with the help of our current members and local leadership.

I’m proud of our association’s successes over the last year. We took a potentially bad situation and turned it around in our favor. Without everyone’s flexibility, willingness to work hard and understanding we wouldn’t have been able to do it. I am excited to see what this year brings. Thank you all and I looking forward to seeing you soon.

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